Envisioning a future Sudan built by the youth.

We envision a prosperous Sudan where the dynamism and innovation of the youth serve as the driving force of resilience and progression. Through collaboration, advocacy campaignns and proactive initiatives, we are dedicated to creating a legacy in which the youth of today are at the frontier of development and leadership.

Our mission

Our organizationn is committed to creating a future where the vibrancy, resilience, and progress of Sudan are shaped by the collective enndeavors of its young generationns. We are dedicated to empowering youth-led communnity groups, leveraging them as catalysts for positive community change, recognizinng the inherent potential within young minds to drive transformative initiative to transcend current challenges.

In embracing the notionn that today's youth are the architects of their own destiny, we work towards developing ownership and resposibility towards public participation. We also believe that by investing in the skills, talents and endeavors of the youth, we lay the founndation for a Sudann characterized by unity, innovation and social equity.

Our commitmennt extends beyond rhetoric, as we actively develop and support projects designned and built with the capacity and collective participation of youth leaders. Through strategic partnerships, proactive initiatives, and wide local networks, we provide an opportunity for the youth to claim skills, knowledge and spaces needed to address complex issues and challenges that face them.

Our values

As a civic space and group founded by the youth for the purpose of supporting the youth, it is essential for us to uphold the core values and principals that remain as our oath of committment.

Youth Rights
The organization is committed to upholdinng and promotinng the rights of young people. We advocate for the recognition of youth rights.
We believe in empowering younng people to become active agents of change in their communnities and society at large.
We value the inclusion of youth annd strive to creative an ennvironment where all young people regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality or otherwise can find equal opportunities to participate and thrive.
Collective deliberation, decision making and action are both advocated and practiced internally by the organisation, where democratic values of participation are encouraged and practiced.
Transparency & Accounntability
We are committed to ethical practices as a public institution in the sharing of our work to be held publically accountable.
The organnization recognizes the power of collaboration and partnerships, as such we value collective cooperation with other organizations, civic groups and stakeholders to maiximize the impact of our actions.

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